Kylie Jenner has four dogs now. They all live with her at her Hidden Hills mansion. Norman and Bambi even have an Instagram account with over 450 thousand followers.

Norman Edit

Norman is Kylie's first dog. He is an Italian Greyhound. She has been tweeting that she wants a dog and specifically of this breed since 2012 and she finally got Norman in December 2014.

Bambi Edit

Bambi is Kylie's second dog. He is a camel-colored Italian Greyhound with floppy ears just like Norman. She adopted him in March 2015. His birthday is on January 7. He is named after the Disney character Bambi.

Ernie Edit

Ernie is Kylie's fourth dog. It's a dachshund. She's had it since early 2016, showing it for the first time on her Snapchat. However, she revealed his name for the first time in June as the caption of this photo on Instagram. Ernie can be seen on PARTYNEXTDOOR's video "Come and See Me" featuring Kylie.

Penny Edit

Kylie got Penny as an early gift for her 19th birthday from her friends. She shared the moment when she received it on her Snapchat. Penny is Ernie's girlfriend.

Other Edit

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