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Paper, stylized as PAPER, is a New York City-based independent magazine focusing on fashion, pop culture, nightlife, music, art and film. It was founded and launched in 1984 by editors Kim Hastreiter and David Hershkovits as a black and white 16-page fold-out (production was done in the offices of The New York Times). The magazine has since evolved into a monthly print and digital magazine. Articles, photos, interviews, and news can be found archived on their website. Paper also has a large social media presence on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

YOUth Issue, April 2016 Edit

Kylie Jenner was photographed and interviewed for an issue of the magazine in 2016, called YOUth. The article "Next Jenneration" was presented as "Kylie Like You've Never Seen Her Before". Read the interview here. See photos from the launch party in Indio, California here.
Photography: Erik Madigan Heck, Styling: Rushka Bergman, Photo Assistant: Taemur Moazzam, James Goethals, Hair: Tokyo Stylez, Makeup: Joyce Bonelli, Manicure: Denise Bourne, CHANEL
[1] Gloves by Agent Provocateur, Faux Fur Coat by Clio Peppiatt
[2] Faux Fur Coat by Clio Peppiatt, Bodysuit by Fleur du Mal, Jewelry by Jovana Djuric
[3] Jumpsuit by Dsquared2
[4] Top and Skirt by Peter Hidalgo, Bra and Underwear by Fleur du Mal, Handbag by Fairchild Baldwin, Necklace and Ring by Jovana Djuric, Cuffs by Arme De L'Amour, Pumps by Marc Jacobs
[5] Faux Fur Coat by Emma Brewin, Dress by Cadolle
[6] Coat, Bra and Shorts by Marc Jacobs, Necklace by Fairchild Baldwin, Ring by Jovana Djuric
[7] Dress by Dsquared2, Gloves by Agent Provocateur
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