Flaunt Magazine

Flaunt is an American satirical fashion and culture magazine based in Hollywood, Los Angeles with an office in New York. The magazine was founded in 1998 by the current C.E.O. Luis Barajas and Creative Director Jim Turner, who had previously run Detour magazine as well as Long Nguyen the magazine's Style Director. The Editor in Chief is Matthew Bedard. Flaunt is an independent magazine currently published six times a year (after a decade of being published 10 times a year) with international distribution.

The Cadence Issue (2017) Edit

Kylie Jenner did her first photoshoot for the magazine for its 'Cadence Issue' in 2017. She poses in a sparkly environment with lots of pink reminding the readers of popular doll Barbie. The feature’s tagline is "So Many Margaritas, So Little Feeling Featuring Kylie Jenner".

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