Kylie Jenner is famous for love for cars. The prices of the cars she owns range in value from $150,000 to $300,000. Kylie admits: 'It's probably way too many cars for a young woman' but reveals that she loves cars so much, 'it is what it is'.

Range Rover Autobiography Edit

The first car Kylie has ever bought is Range Rover Autobiography. It retails for around $150,000. She said she got it wrapped in white carbon fiber for a fun touch. One of her favorite features of the car is a big light on its floor that says "Range Rover". In August 2015, she tried to sell it after Tyga gave her a Ferrari for her birthday.

Mercedes G63 V8 Biturbo AMG Edit

This is Kylie's second car. It costs $140,000. She bought it when she suffered G-wagon withdrawals after her very first car from her mother, Kris, was the same model. The interior is customized in red.

Ferrari 458 Italia Edit

This car was a gift from Tyga for her 18th birthday. Its price varies between $240,000 and $300,000. After she got it, Kylie wrapped it in white. The sports car has red Forgiato trims on the wheels.

Rolls Royce Ghost Edit

Kylie also owns a white Rolls Royce Ghost. Her favorite features of the car are the light wood dash of the Rolls and the fact the speed comes up as a hologram on the windshield.

Mercedes-Maybach Edit

Tyga bought Kylie a $200,000 blue Maybach Mercedes for her 19th birthday in August 2016. She posted videos of her reaction and showed the ride to her fans on Snapchat.

Ferrari Spider Edit

In September 2016, Kylie Jenner and her sister Kendall bought matching Ferrari Spiders, estimated to cost about $275,000.

Custom Land Rover Edit

For her 19th birthday, Kylie treated herself to a new $200,000 custom-designed Land Rover.

LaFerrari (F150) Edit

Travis Scott bought a limited-edition black LaFerrari as a push present for Kylie after she gave birth to their first child Stormi. The car is estimated to cost $1.4 million with only 500 of it being made worldwide.

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